“UDAAN 2022”, THE HIGHLY AWAITED summer camp sports extravaganza organised by DPS Mehsana concluded on 22nd May on a very happy note.


The valedictory ceremony was attended by the participants, parents and staff members. Mr Rehman welcomed the gathering and the guests of honour. Dr Samip Shah, Program In-charge – ports Academy DPS Mehsana, shared the importance of team spirit, overcoming failures with a positive mindset and cultivating discipline through sports. Ms Bandita Roy, Vice Principal DPS, Mehsana shared the positive outcome of the holistic development of students through various indoor and outdoor activities.


The participants were given a certificate as a token of remembrance of the memorable time spent during the five days of Summer Camp. The activities included were- Meditation, Surya Namaskar and yoga to begin on a positive note. Warming up session was followed by fun games, activities like horse riding, swimming, cricket, football to name a few. The cool down session was followed by nutritious well balanced refreshment catering to the taste uds of the little students.


The takeaway for the parents was student’s engagement through sports. They are looking forward to more such exciting activities in the coming days.